Living in paradigm of affluence


Due to the Argentinean trade economy, we have discovered “the paradigm of affluence”, a new vision of the world, suggested by barter clubs and alternative systems.

“It is time to decide where we want to go, and to conceive a monetary system to help us there”, Bernard Lietaer

“Debating about the future of money is not about inflation or deflation, a fixed or flexible exchange rate, gold or trust, but rather about the sort of society we want .”Georg Simmel 1906

All our economic system is now based upon the paradigm of rarity. According to its definition, economy manages rare resources for increasing needs.

“Most people consider the world as a huge pie-cake insufficient for all the inhabitants of our planet. This is the great historical misunderstanding created by an economy that has been supporting it for over a hundred years” Heloisa primavera.

The FAO asserts that organic agriculture can provide for the entire planet without damaging the environment and can limit global warming.

“We can see the “scarcity” of resources instead of their profusion, deceived by all the speeches, mainly the ones of the economy business that have simply omitted to change their paradigm. Here, what matters most is the principal role of social innovations like complementary currency, particularly social money”. Heloisa Primavera.

Let’s have a different look at the world. Let’s change from a scarcity society, mastered by individualism and competition, to a society of plenty, of cooperation,  of  sharing, a society that enables every being to make up his own wealth (unlimited to money.)

“The right to make a living, the right to feel useful, the right to live in dignity, are basic human rights”. Raphael Koanoff

Because of no money, The Argentineans organized barter clubs to create purchasing power again, to revive business and activity. We discover a new generation of businessmen who have no money.