South inspiring North…

We have so much to learn from our southern neighbors, real laboratories of social innovations.

The South is all too often pointed at by the mass media as poor countries, when in fact they are an extraordinary laboratory of innovations and social movements. Driven to all types of difficulties, the communities show a lot of imagination in order to invent new patterns, worthy of inspiration for our citizens!

We aim to learn from the South, to understand the various mechanisms of complementary exchange systems so as to recreate and promote similar models back home. France has not been spared by poverty. More than 8 million people are living below poverty line. But there are solutions to build a fairer world, driven by solidarity and ecology. Let’s commit ourselves for a better world!

Step 1 > November 2010, on our way to South America

To learn more about it, see “Our field research in South America

Step 2 > November 2011, back to France

Back to France, we will duplicate and adapt models studied in South America, so we can make the most benefits it in our own country.