10/14/10: 1st Local Exchange Market for the « Maille » (Dough) at WWF

On October 14, 2010 took place the first Local Exchange Market of the LETS (Local Exchange Trading System ) in Longchamp , organized by WWF and GoodPlanet called : La Maille ! (the mesh)

The « Maillons » (members of the Mesh) could offer/acquire cloths, DVDs, books, bicycles, but also English  lessons or cooking classes, car loans, thanks to using their own social currency: the “Pépites” (nuggets).

More than 2000 “Pépites” have been exchanged within a few hours and every one left « richer » without having spent a dime.

The ambition of the « Maille » is to accomplish more than  the Exchange Market, as Serge Orru, General Manager of WWF-France explains, as “the «  Maille » will also be the opportunity to think about the role social currencies can play  when it comes to financing programs for environmental protection “.